“Not being heard is no reason for silence.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables // I make art-ish things // Have you accepted Feuilly as your lord and savior?
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Citizen, this is Feuilly anon dropping a "good day!" note. Where did you get such amazing music for your blog? you must let the people know :)

Oh, darling, it’s the music from the credits of the 2012 movie.

I only slowed it down a bit, and voilà

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"…So as long as I live I’ll love you
Will heaven hold you
You look so beautiful in white…”  [x]

Some E/R for you. I don’t even ship them that much, but I woke up today with a killing need to draw them doing something cute…

Do you ever just, you know, think about Poland?
—Feuilly at some point. (via paintingpoliticsandpoland)
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Feuilly of course! For the meme :)

The ‘get to know your Ami’ meme

I think I need this now, give me an Ami and I will give you my headcanons for : 

  • Their first name.

Feuilly. It may seem stupid but here is why:

Feuilly’s mom left him in the door of the orphanage and left, so no one ever knew her. When the lady opened the door, she saw a very small kid, around 3 years old, who could barely talk; when they asked him his name, he couldn’t remember.

With the time, the people in the orphanage noticed the small kid liked to make figurines with feuilles [paper sheets], so they started calling him that, Feuille. Which, with the time, morphed to Feuilly. 

And since he never knew his real name, he just presented himself like that.

  • Their romantic/sexual orientation.

Can I say Poland here? No?

Okay, I never really think of this much. But I think that he would probably be questioning. He never got much sexual education so he is just really confused.

  • Where they come from.

I don’t know much about French geography, so I am just saying a small village near Paris.

  • What do they study or what’s their job.

This is mentioned in the book, so it’s not really my headcanon, but well. He is a fanmaker, and he is the only ami who is not a student. But it may be very well said that he is a student of life, since his one preoccupation was “to educate himself”.

  • Their family.

This is also said in the book. He is an orphan.

My headcanon for his family is that they left him in the orphanage because they didn’t wanted him, as cruel as that sounds.

I picture them as working class, and young. Redhead, of course, at least the mother. 

Feuilly doesn’t know anything about his parents. He only has of them the blanket he was covered with when they left him. In some way, he resents them for leaving him, but he still feels that he can’t hate them.

Still, tho, he only considers the amis as his real family.

  • Their hobby

Drawing with charcoal.

I know everyone pictures Grantaire as the only artistic ami in that sense, but I think Feuilly would also be fine at it. Not R good, but just fine.

And he would really enjoy it. 

  • The running joke about them among les Amis.

Well, everyone always teases him about working himself to death. Does… that count?

  • A random fact about them.

He learned to read and write watching an old man that visited the orphanage sometimes.

  • Bonus : Any fancast ?

Actually, I do have a faceclaim. It is this guy: 


I have absolutely no idea of who he is, I found his picture here. All I know is his face is pretty close to what I pictured him. Not his hair, that is a totally Enjolras hair.

To make it easier for you to imagine how I picture Feuilly’s face in my head, I have made a picture in Photoshop based on the person above.

[please excuse my terrible Photoshop skills]

The ‘get to know your Ami’ meme


I think I need this now, give me an Ami and I will give you my headcanons for : 

  • Their first name.
  • Their romantic/sexual orientation.
  • Where they come from.
  • What do they study or what’s their job.
  • Their family.
  • Their hobby
  • The running joke about them among les Amis.
  • A random fact about them.
  • Bonus : Any fancast ?

Savages [Les Misérables] 

it’s barricade day, citizens!

we shall have our commemoration! but let’s just not forget that the rebellion part of the brick was actually written, among other things, for making the battle of june remembered. let’s keep in mind all the actual brave people that died then, trying to make their patria a better, equal place.

i really hope that is a reminder for all of us of what this is all about. that the book [at least a part of it, because let’s be real, that thing is huge] is about hoping for a new and better future, and that if you want something, you must fight for it. even if sometimes the price for that something is high, it’s worth it.

think a little about the beautiful and complex characters you love so much, and of the story that brings us all together, and that this is what it means. don’t ever forget that.

hope you all have a wonderful time!



muggle-born!Enjolras with wealthy parents who locked him in his room, and were ashamed of him, since they always thought their kid was a freak because strange things happened around him when he got very angry or emotional.

muggle-born!Enjolras who couldn’t have been happier when he got a Hogwarts professor knocking his door in his eleventh birthday to tell him he was a wizard. 

muggle-born!Enjolras buying a toad.

muggle-born!Enjolras who sits alone in the Hogwarts express because many of the kids seem to already know each other and he feels completely simple and ignorant between all these people who grew up already knowing they were wizards.

muggle-born!Enjolras who gets sorted in slytherin, and constantly gets bullied by a group purebloods for having muggle parents.

muggle-born!Enjolras that finds himself enjoying the company of nine peculiar guys from other houses rather than his own, regardless of the house rivalities, because even if most of them are purebloods or half-bloods, they still treat him as an equal.

muggle-born!Enjolras finding out he has an special interest and passion in muggle-borns and half-blood’s rights.

muggle-born!Enjolras being first in his History of Magic class.

muggle-born!Enjolras founding the Les Amis de l’ABC group in his sixth year, and them meeting in the Hog’s Head Inn despie the rather odd owner, because nobody goes there so they can make their plans in peace.

muggle-born!Enjolras always telling purebloods Combeferre and Courfeyrac the wonders of the electricity.


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